"I’ll make paintings as big as the sky"" - Pier Paolo Pollini, 1944

The Man & The Artist

 l uomo ppp

Pier Paolo Pollini (Cesena 1939 – 2012)

Pier Paolo Pollini was a passionate and curious dreamer of unimaginable sensitivity; he had spiritual and moral values deep and powerful enough to render them organic, and on the other hand the inflexibility and the severity with himself, the unwillingness, even if veiled, in any way, to compromise.

PPP had a tyrannically exclusive way of thinking and working, seemingly able to isolate himself from the time and place of everyday life, even if indeed nothing escaped him. He lived with his surroundings, with an extreme focus, equal only to his power of imagination. To define, create, images and objects, to invent substance, were the compass of his paths of experimentation, of himself and of his gestures, in a sometimes obsessive manner.

His artistic and aesthetic talents, his love for Art, with a capital A, the deep knowledge of his expressions, from ancient classical to contemporary, gave substance and force to an unremitting exploration, a long journey towards a deeper elsewhere. His canvases reflect colors, dynamic visions, harmonic vortexes, eurythmic spaces that narrate his pursuit of beauty.

In one of his rare notes he wrote: "... right from the beginning I wanted to give shape to what is without a form, sensing in the depths of my soul the yearning for unreachable atmospheres and spaces, transfigured by lights and colors infeasible by man..."

Painting, in the silence and in the music of his workshop, was the true meaning of his entire life ... and certainly it’s not by chance that it was the place where he cast his last glance.


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