"I’ll make paintings as big as the sky"" - Pier Paolo Pollini, 1944

Artistic Career

An art in continuos evolution...


Mid sixties, the first exhibitions, permeated above all by the curiosity to see the gaze of the visitor. It's the first instance of his abstract visions populated by mythical forms (Ipposauri), grey hilly landscapes, archaic symbols, undecipherable figures.

1975 Art Gallery “L’Acquario”, Forlì. 

October 30 to November 17, 1981 Art Gallery “Fidia”, Roma. 

April 3-15, 1981 "The invention of the matter" - In catalogue, speeches and reflections of Jean-Michel Goutier, José Pierre, Bruno Pompili. 

In these years his work and research became clarified. The first situations, symbolic objects and figures of a mythical tradition, have taken on the burden of original pictorial matter, the structure of a complex representation, unusually rigorous perspective planes. He produces the first portraits and self-portraits, that display his ability to interpret and bring to life, the person in the picture. 

March 20 to April 17, 1983 Provincial Art Gallery of Bari - "Dans la lumière du surréalisme" Group exhibition (curated by José Pierre) of 27 artists of various backgrounds, tied together, not by the historical experience of Surrealism but in the fundamental principles of freedom and invention. Presentations in the catalog of José Pierre and Bruno Pompili. PPP presents the impressive triptych The Other Omega, oil on wrought zinc, cm. 300x100, later acquired by the host gallery.

1987 Villamoura (Portugal). Collective. Surrealism or the language of desire. Catalogue by José Pierre.

1988 Exhibitions Palace in Faenza.

March 19 to April 25, 1988 "Ninety-four works. 1974-1987" - Catalogue with texts by José Pierre (Longo publishing, Ravenna 1988). Crucial anthological exhibition that articulates a historical phase in his production, from the mythographic symbolism, to the references of other artist's work, to the representations of human and politic tragedies of those years, to the great moral assemblies (A Last Dinner), a Cosmogony (oil on shaped zinc). Medium and composition render it one of the peaks of the PPP’s activity.

In this period he destroys the work The Machine of the Consciousness, a two meter on each side cubed tent in which you could see a whole world, as if from within an "I", for pictures, mirrors, objects. On the decision to destroy it he has always maintained strict discretion; at times perhaps it emitted a scary signal, and in fact entering into that dark cube brought one to confront themselves. It was hard to give up, nor could force anyone: Is that a reason? In this period he executes with impressive graphical ease at least a hundred drawings, under the general title of Scenes of Mlè; he gave them away with absolute generosity and only few known examples remain.

1990 Ridotto Palace of Cesena, Municipal Art Gallery.

December 6, 1989 to January 7, 1990 Complementary to these works, few in number, the entire next artistic phase is revealed. Here a new chapter begins, in which, the fundamental signs are color, by now completely liberated, a delicate painterly matter capable of building complex architectures, and worlds waiting to clot.

1993 Gallery "Corso d’Opera", Bari. Collective.

April 21 to May 5, 1993 "The forest of sacrilege. Réponse à Jean-Pierre Duprey" Eight artists were invited to respond to the suggestions of the play of the poet JP Dupreys, in occasion of the premiere performance. Catalog presentation by Antonella Marino and Bruno Pompili.

2001 Gallery “Le mura”, Cesena. 

February 10 to March 4, 2001 "The invention of the substance". In the catalog reflections by Bruno Pompili and Pier Guido Raggini. Triumph of the color and of architecture in ever new painterly matter.

2003-2004 Palazzo Braschi, Cesena In collaboration with "In Corso d’Opera - Art".

December 6, 2003 to Feb. 28, 2004 'Walk", catalog by Giancarlo Papis, The path of revelation and a selection of interventions by Enrico Guidi, José Pierre, Bruno Pompili, Pier Guido Raggini. With this exhibition he inaugurates a permanent space directed towards the public A personal space of communication towards everyone. It will be his continuous space to present his work.

2004 - 2005 Palazzo Braschi, Cesena “In Corso d’Opera” 1.

December 8, 2004 to March 19, 2005 "Walk", catalogue by Giancarlo Papi, The continuous motion of the sensations.

19 to 31 March 2005 The same works at Palazzo Ghini - Art Space, Cesena.

September 8 to October 2, 2007 Cesena, Palazzo Braschi "In Corso d’Opera - Exhibition space of P. P. Pollini Atelier (second edition)". Canvases of 2007, plus several from 2005-2006, and a testimony from 1990.

He always thought of his own specific place in the search for Art. When an artist introduces himself with a few words we must to believe, respect, and try to understand his message. PPP wrote of himself in 1981, and then repeated it a few times in the catalogues "... he was born in Cesena where he lives and works" and little else, or almost nothing of his research. Only recently the idea of his own website has managed to win over his discretion and prompted us to tell his history and career, summarizing in just two pages on this website in The Man and The Artist.

The works of PPP have had a small number of exhibitions, congruent with his reserve, as well as his optimism for the future, which never wavered, not even in the moments when silence intruded between him and his audience.

The last years of work have been devoted to the works of small or large dimensions, with the assembly of different materials: small canvases of absolute brightness and harmonious design, building a double crucifixion (recto-verso) with painted materials and reproductions of classic works (later disassembled and perhaps lost), arrangement of objects to form sculptures or environments of images.
The minimalist architecture of color seems to have been his attraction and his extreme offering.

His untimely death interrupted his work.

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